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5 Most Popular Types Of Door Locks

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Door locks are essential for any commercial or residential space. Door locks provide security and safety like no other tool or appliance. The selection of door locks is often overlooked and undervalued.

  1. Smart Locks And Electronic Locks

Electronic locks don’t require keys to unlock or lock them. Instead, they come with a keypad locks system or card system that allows you to enter a code or key. These keyless locks are popular in offices and hotels and are increasingly being used for apartments and residential properties.

Electronic locks can keep track of how often they are used, and even create a log that records the times and dates of entry to a property or room. It can track who has accessed the lock by recording which keycards have been used. This makes it easier to identify who accessed the property at what time. This is useful for detecting suspicious activity and can be used to improve security.

Smart locks, a new type of door lock, are quickly gaining popularity. They are changing the way people manage their home security. To unlock and lock the smart lock, it must be given a set of instructions by an authorized device. These instructions are typically transmitted wirelessly and adhere to wireless communication protocols.

  • Knob Locks

Knob locks are the most popular type of door lock for internal doors. Because of their low security, knob locks are not suitable for exterior use. These locks can be used on exterior doors to increase security if they are combined with deadbolt locks.

Doorknob locks are equipped with a locking mechanism inside the doorknob. These locks can be locked from either the inside or the outside by using knobs.

  • Mortise Locks

Mortise locks can be used to secure commercial doors, apartment doors, and entry glass doors. A mortise lock is usually made up of complex hardware that is mounted in the door. It is secured in place using a set screw and uses a cam to activate the locking hardware.

There are several types of mortise-cylinder locks. These include three lever mortise locks as well as five-lever mortise lock options. A mortise lock’s number of levers indicates how many points it locks into the frame.

  • Padlocks

One of the most basic types of door locks is a padlock. They are portable and can be attached to any door or other device that needs them. To secure a space or prevent theft or vandalism, padlocks can be attached to a gate, gate, chain, fence, or other structure. The padlocks have a shoulder shackle that raises the sides of the shackle so bolt cutters can’t cut through it.

There are many models of padlocks, but there are two main types.

Keyed Padlocks have a key that rotates when it is inserted. This allows the lock to be released. Keyed padlocks are available in re-key able or non-re-key able versions. It is difficult to change the key for non-re-key able padlocks. The locks can either be key-retaining or not-key-retaining. The key cannot be pulled out of padlocks with key retaining features. Locks with shrouded shoulders are difficult to be cut by an intruder.

Combination Padlocks are dials that have multiple digits and letters that can be turned. After these letters and digits are arranged in the correct combination, the padlock can be released and opened. These locks don’t need a key. These locks are simple to decode or shim.

  • Deadbolt Lock

They are a popular choice for residential properties and are often used as a door lock. You can open them by turning a key or knob without using a spring. Deadbolts have a unique locking mechanism. This makes it almost impossible for burglars to gain entry through the door.

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