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Things to Consider When Choosing the Color of Your Business’s Entrance Mat


Apr 1, 2022

Entrance mats are essential for keeping your business and lobby clean and safe. Their main objective is to collect the majority of the dirt, debris, ice, and water tracked in on your employees’ and customers’ shoes. While functionality is paramount, you also want your floor mat to look beautiful. Here are some things to consider while choosing a color.

Dark is always best

Pay attention to the next few establishments you enter. You’ll notice that their entry mats are usually always black, grey, or a dark shade of blue or brown, whether they’re casual or up market. While lighter hues are technically possible to order, they are simply not practicable. Consider the dirt, mud, and debris that collect on the bottoms of your shoes, and how quickly it will stain an attractive but lighter-colored mat. While black and grey may not be part of your design scheme, they are both neutrals and a common hue in lobby entry mats.

Don’t over think it when it comes to making your logo stand out.

If you want your logo or company name on your entry mat, you’ll want to think about which colors will make your logo stand out. Alternatively, if your logo comprises black or grey, you may want to consider mats that are lighter in color so that your logo is seen. While it’s important to make your logo stand out, it shouldn’t come at the expense of an entry mat that’s either a contrasting hue from your décor or so light in color that it looks dirty right away. Discuss other choices with us, such as printing your log in white.

You don’t have to do anything just because you can.

One of the brightly colored business entry mats, such as red or yellow, can catch your eye. However, consider how much of an eyesore such a massive square at your front entrance might be. Neither of these hues is neutral, and they will often clash with the lobby or entryway floor. Add a vibrant logo, business name, or pertinent images to your floor mat if you want it to stand out. Custom rugs with logo are the perfect choice for increasing brand awareness.

When Does Color Come Into Play?

While we encourage most of our clients to stick with darker colors that will naturally hide dirt, colored lobby or entrance business mats do have their place. You might need a mat in other places of your lobby or building, for example. A runner that divides your lobby into lines is one example. The mat will protect high-traffic areas, and the brighter color will provide the necessary contrast to direct clients to the correct line or place.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what color mat, what size mat, or what make and model mat is appropriate for your company. We recognize that the variety of possibilities can be intimidating, but we will work with you to choose a mat that is both functional and attractive. While your mat may not become the major focus of your entryway, it will help to keep your establishment looking its best.

By Alana