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How To Determine What Size of Chandelier Is Perfect for Your Room?


Apr 2, 2022

Chandeliers can be perfect for any room, but they need to be chosen wisely. Especially determining the size of the chandelier is of utmost importance. If you get something too small it will get lost in the room, but if you get something too big then it can overwhelm the place. So, before you buy something make sure that you know how to choose them wisely.

Chandeliers are now available in different styles and designs. Sofary is one of the best places to get the chandelier you wish to have. They have a wide range of chandeliers made up of different designs and can be customized too. For example, their Double C Crystal Chandelier Ceiling light is the one that has been made uniquely. This product has its popularity amongst users who have bought this and you can check their reviews on the website.

Tips to identify the perfect size of the chandelier

Before you understand the general rules for buying a chandelier, you might need to know that the style and the visual weight of the chandelier will also affect the size to be selected. This means that a visually heavyweight light fixture can be lighter in weight and vice versa. 

The general rule to determine the size of the chandelier is that you need to measure your room length in feet and the width in feet and sum it up.

The answer will be the size of a chandelier but in inches. For example, if your room is 15 by 21 feet then their sum would be 36 feet. Thus, the size of your chandelier would be 36 inches. This is how wide your chandelier needs to be.

Talking about the height now, ideally, your chandelier needs to be 2 to 3 inches per foot. This means if you have a ceiling that is 8 feet tall then the chandelier needs to be 16 to 24 inches tall. In the case of low ceilings, then you need to choose a flush mount chandelier. In case, if you want to hang the chandelier near the stairways, then you need to see the total height of that particular space to identify the height of the light fixture. 

Chandelier to hang above the table

If you wish to hang a chandelier for your dining room, then the measurement would be a little different. You will have to check the width of the table in inches and minus it by 12 inches. For example, if your table measures 36 inches in width then the chandelier should be 24 inches. In case you have a pretty long table then you would require a very long chandelier that would suit your table or else you can opt for two smaller chandeliers. Also, make sure that it is hanging quite above the table so that it doesn’t bump into anyone’s head. 

Positioning your chandelier is an important factor to be considered like where it needs to be placed in the room and at what height. If you fix the chandelier at the wrong spot then it can affect the overall aesthetic of your room. 

By Alana