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How Long Will Epoxy Flooring Last?


Sep 19, 2022

Epoxy is a popular choice because it’s fast curing, durable, chemical resistant, and can be customized. Epoxy can be laid directly on top of your existing floor. This eliminates the need to remove an existing substrate.

Painters have many clients who choose epoxy. Our customers are highly satisfied with our professional, durable floors.

Epoxy Flooring’s Lifespan in Commercial Settings

Is a combination of resin, and a hardener, and can be poured onto concrete, wood, or any other type of flooring. Epoxy can be used for many years, provided it is maintained properly. Epoxy is a sought-after flooring option for many businesses and industries. Painters USA strives to exceed your expectations and give you the best floor possible.

Factors That Impact How Long Epoxy Floors Will Last

Although epoxy is known for its long-lasting properties, there are a few factors that influence how long epoxy lasts. Here are some of these:


Traffic is a major factor in how hard an epoxy floor will take. Traffic areas that are heavy or with high foot traffic will wear down faster. An extra topcoat may be useful.

Types Industry

Epoxy Floor Coating will last longer in certain industries while being replaced faster in others. The floors of chemical plants are more vulnerable to spillage. Even though epoxy is resistant to most chemicals it will eventually wear the floor.

Sunlight Exposure

Despite epoxy being extremely strong, it can still be damaged by the sun. UV exposure over time causes the floor to become chalk-like and decreases its lifespan. Epoxy is best used in areas where there is little or no UV exposure.

Under Flooring

Even though epoxy can be used to cover most floor types, the subfloor is still crucial. If the original floor was sturdy, epoxy floors will increase their strength and endurance. Painters flooring professionals will ask questions regarding the original flooring in order to help make your new epoxy flooring as durable and long-lasting as possible.


The epoxy floor will last for many years if it’s properly maintained and re-applied as necessary. Here are some tips for keeping your epoxy floor looking new and beautiful.

Cleaners: Never use abrasive pads or brushes while cleaning. They create abrasions and eventually wear away the sealers or topcoats of epoxy. You can use a soft mop.

Clean Frequency: Clean industrial floors regularly. Debris buildup scratches the floor like sandpaper.

Repairs: If your floor acquires damage, fix it right away. If left untreated, even small cracks can lead to more serious problems.

Skill to Installer

The skills of the epoxy floor contractor are one factor that can determine the durability of epoxy floors. Preparing the floor properly is essential for the epoxy to bond with the under flooring. All our floor installers are certified in epoxy. All warranties are honored since we prepare surfaces according to manufacturer specifications.

Layer Thickness

Your floor will last for longer if the epoxy layer is thicker. For industrial floors, it is recommended to have a thickness of 50 microns and more. We will make sure your epoxy floor has the right thickness before it is installed.

Topcoat Quality

Epoxy floors are more durable if they have a topcoat that is of high quality. These hard-wearing floors are often enhanced with other flooring substances. Croc painting company is a popular choice to apply a topcoat which helps prevent abrasions.

By Alana