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6 Suggestions For Cleaning Entry Floor Mats


Feb 1, 2023 #General

Using effective matting alone can reduce labor needs by 200 hours annually. However, for your floor mats to function properly, they may occasionally need to be cleaned. Waterhog Entrance mats are crucial for keeping offices, hospitals, and schools clean in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. These waterhog mats also provide you the opportunity to deliver essential messages regarding social distance right at the entrance.

What is the finest and simplest way to maintain the shine on your welcome mats? We’ve put together 6 useful recommendations to assist you to achieve this and take your matting in the right direction! The accumulation of hard dirt, grit, and debris trapped in your mats pile will need to be removed. Let’s get into it.

1. Washing Machine

There are two alternatives for those mats that can be washed. The second alternative, hose and dry, is the most convenient, straightforward, and affordable one. The first choice is to machine wash in a home or commercial washing machine. It is always advised for double-checking with your mat supplier or consulting the cleaning instructions to see whether your entrance matting is washable, as well as determine whether the item is washable and the product’s weight.

2. Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Continuing from tip 1, make sure you always ask your source if the product is machine washable. Due to the rarity of this sort of cleaner, this choice may be more suited for business and industrial settings, but if you have one at home, by all means, use it! The majority of them feature a strong motor that can pick up and collect the majority of the trapped dirt and debris; they then wet and dry the carpeted pile to leave it clean.

3. Carpet Cleaner

This is another item that many businesses and even some homes may have on hand. The carpet cleaner offers deep cleaning and dirt extraction. The carpet cleaner offers an excellent wet pick-up and then dries up your matting, making it perfect for indoor entry mats. This is similar to the wet and dry vacuum in tip 2.

4. Vacuum

For the long-term upkeep of your mats and places with low to medium foot activity, a daily vacuum is recommended. However, you will eventually need to perform a deeper clean than suggestions 1, 2, and 3 discuss for places with high foot activity.

5. Mop Or Wash A Damp Cloth

Rubber mats or WaterHog mats, especially those used in kitchens and bars, are best suited for this advice. Simply mop over or damp wipe the mats at the same time as performing daily cleaning. Once more, confirm with your supplier what chemicals can be used and whether they won’t harm or degrade rubber. As said in tip 1, you may also just spray the items down outside and hang them up to dry, which is an alternative to wiping them down with a damp towel or mopping them.

6. Shake The Floorboards

This advice is focused on routine maintenance and is effective in places with little foot activity. Once shaken, a fast vacuum will offer carpeted mats a refreshment and leave the pile plusher and fuller. It goes hand in hand with tip 4. Take your mat far from your entry area and shake it vigorously on grass or any other surface so that the contained material doesn’t end up on the ground outside your building.

These six suggestions should enable you to care for your entry mats and leave them in excellent shape to leave a favorable impression on any visitors.

By Alana